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Affordable, ready-to-print music scores for strings.
The scores come with video examples.

Dear fellow teachers, pupils, and pupils’ parents,

This site is the result of 30 years of rewarding experience as a violin and viola teacher at all levels, and the pleasure of composing pieces adapted to pupils of different ages. Many of the pieces have been created to serve as required pieces at the end of year examinations at the Conservatoire de Lausanne (Switzerland).

The aim of the pieces and of the site is not only to offer young players a coherent musical world, but also to help them become familiar, from the outset, with a large range of techniques such as glissandi, pizzicato, or harmonics – just to mention a few.
My priority as a teacher is to enable each child to reach their full expressive potential and acquire a joyful and free-flowing technical mastery of the instrument.

While I stay open to all kinds of music, the music I write often takes the young players on a journey, from Ireland to the Balkan countries - or to the caravan of a travelling circus.

I am delighted to present the pieces published by editions jonglör.
Each piece features a score in PDF format as well as a video or audio example (midi/MP3).

                   Enjoy your visit!                        
Tina Strinning

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